About Funank

  • Welcome to Funank, the best place to connect artists with people and make their services available for everyone 😍🪄🎸🎆

  • 🎉 Who are we?

    We provide you with an easy way to book artists and talents of all kinds (DJs, guitarists, pianists, violinists, painters, drummers, acrobatic performers…etc.). You can book them for events, experiences, lessons, songs writing…etc.

  • 💡 Vision

    To become the leading platform for searching and booking artists and talents.

  • 🚀 Mission

    To make it easier and affordable for everyone to find artists and talents, and hire them.

  • ✨ Values

    Simplicity 👌 - Beauty 😍 - Artfulness 🎭 - Passion 💜 - Inspiration 🤩 - Connectivity 🔗